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Deko-Green 7058RCGFS

"There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by the year 2020" - Ellen MacArthur

TVF launched our new Deko-Green 7058RCGFS sustainable digital textile on Earth Day April 22, 2019, working in collaboration with world-renowned artist, activist, and photographer Benjamin Von Wong. 

Launched as a part of TVFs sustainability initiative, Deko-Green 7058RCGFS is an environmentally friendly warp-knit fabric constructed with filament yarns and created from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Recycling and sustainability help reduce the harmful impact of human activities on the environment and reduce consumption of natural resources. By launching Deko-Green 7058RCGFS, TVF is contributing to the elimination of plastic waste.

This optic white, medium weight premium banner fabric, manufactured by our partner Georg+Otto Friedrich, is a sustainable banner fabric that provides the same flawless quality of print and vibrancy of color rivaling the best of our premium fabrics. Durable in all environments, applications for Deko-Green 7058RCGFS include fine art reproduction, SEG frame systems, tradeshow graphics, POP & retail displays, backdrops, and retractable banner stands. Deko-Green 7058RCGFS is flame resistant, REACH Compliant, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

Benjamin Von Wong continues to create inspiring artwork utilizing single-use plastic items discarded into the planet’s eco-system such as straws and plastic cups. Projects like “Strawpocalypse” in Vietnam and “Plastikophobia” in Singapore continue to extend his global efforts, bringing worldwide attention to pollution and sustainability.
TVF thanks Benjamin Von Wong for our partnership. Von Wong, along with many volunteers, dedicates a tremendous amount of time and effort on these projects to increase awareness about the importance of global sustainability. Working together with Von Wong has been eye-opening and an inspiration. Learn about how these incredible pieces of artwork are conceptualized and constructed as well as more about Benjamin Von Wong at
“Mermaids Hate Plastic” is the sole property of Benjamin Von Wong and may not be repurposed, printed, marketed or utilized in any form without his written consent.

To learn more about Deko-Green 7058RCGFS and to request a sample, call us toll-free at 855.618.4500.

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Deko-Green 7058RCGFS by TVF is a product of Georg+Otto Friedrich. Click here to learn more about our partnership.

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